Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all who are still watching my blog..I am sorry, but i seem to be having heaps of problems keeping up with facebook, instagram, , chat, and the shop...much less doing this blog..

That said I still want to keep my blog..but for some reason i cannot get comments working again..that makes it very boring from my if anyone has any suggestions, i would love to hear them..
I would love to say I am going to keep this blog up in 2015 but I know..I have said that before...:)

Both of my children got in march, one in april..and are happy in their lives...we are deciding on our next phase..but its not something to be rushed...We don't want to be bored!!

Its been an interesting year for the shop..A couple of weeks ago we celebrated 10 years!!! I cannot believe it has gone by so quickly...In that 10 years, i have forged some very very special friendships with ladies..I never dreamed when I first opened, that I would meet so many ppl that would become important in my life.

Over the past decade, we have had much laughter, quite a few tears, loads of stories, travel. good quilts, bad quilts, funny quilts, many workshops, amazing food, loads of coffees and teas,..and maybe a champagne thrown in there on the odd occasion.

So to all who have supported me these past 10 years...I want to say a HUGE thank you to you all...I honestly have loved every minute..
May your Christmas be full of joy..and love and family..and 2015 be everything and more than you wish for.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bits of this an that!

Argh... where to begin, again, its been so long since I posted. Life is so busy for everyone these days..what with facebook,, instagram..twitter..ah the list goes is getting increasingly hard to find any spare time. Since my last son also has been married..which was just Peppermint Bay in Hobart..the day was beautiful..the bride gorgeous..and we all had a great time.
So now. both my kids are married..both getting on with their in Hobart and one in Melb with their respective partners..both of which I think the world of..which always makes life a lot happier..

Business at the shop is going great..super busy and our group is now in the numbers are growing all the time..we have a tues night group and a Thursday group..Just recently we had a road trip to Hobart for the Stitches and Craft Fair and the Tas Quilt Guild quilt exhibition..We had a ball..on Saturday we had a shop hop..visiting Patchwork Cafe, Quilted Crow ..(was great to catch up with Leonie and Deidre) Frangipani, Stitch in Time and Big Sunday , we did the fair..spending and admiring all the beautiful quilts ...There sure is some talent in Tassie..

In July Ray and I visited the Northern Territory for a break...the heat was just was in the 30s almost every day.. we visited many attractions including Kakadu,, which we loved..and spent some time over in Kununurra with my cousins for Bobs in the sun...I spent two nights visiting Vickie C .whom i know most of you know from blogging and we had a super much many laughs..

Friendship days are coming up thick and fast..this weekend we are heading to Penguin, in two weeks to Richmond..oh and ours is in October...we are already booked out..!!! 3 months out!!! wow..

Fabric is flying in...I love new seasons..Have some new christmas, batiks..panels... japanese..I am busy trying to improve my machine quilting I succeeding? not real sure..but it really is fun...Hope I havent bored you too much..until next time
Happy Sewing

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Simply Gorjuss!!!

What a wonderfully busy time I have had lately...Our daughter was married 22nd March, so as you can imagine, we were very busy pre wedding..heaps of fun, and it was a wonderful wedding...just gorgeous.
In 2 weeks, our son will be married in Hobart...whew..worn out ...this will be gorgeous too...but at least I don't have so much prep for that one...cant wait..getting to come...thank goodness i only had two children..hahahahah its a wonderful time though..

Calico Crossroads has been very busy of late..its great..bit hard for me to keep up..but I think ppl understand when they come in and I am in a mess of sorts...organised chaos i think its called...rofl.
Many new projects happening, but of course no classes, with guild..friendship days and wedding taking up a lot of saturdays this term. Beaut new fabrics coming in every day...but the one I particularly love is this one..called Simply Gorjuss...the kit costs $105 plus postage and handling..approx $14 in aus..and can be whipped up in no time..I have enough left for 6 kits...I have pre sold six already...available now online.

I love this new owl range also...the Owl Growth Chart..and its many complimentary fabrics...are also online..but cute isnt it???? I have hedgehogs, birds, mushrooms, and many more to go with them.

We went to our " Lakehouse" for the weekend.., we used to call it the shack..but I have decided its a house on the Lakehouse sounds so much better..hahah  I thought I would share with you the view from my sewing machine before I go...the tassie weather has been awesome...
One more thing before i go...the shop is unofficially on the I am using word of mouth for a while..then I will list officially after Sept..Interested? lol
cheers for now.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Fabrics and Clean!

I have spent this weekend at the shop..I have been cleaning like a mad woman! Over the Christmas period, we had terrible winds here in Tassie and so gone are the layers of dust and dirt and grime...the cobwebs, (and hopefully their makers) and the old blah stock!! Just the outside and the windows to go..a big job in itself..but I must be aware that I still cannot overdo the work..even if I am feeling really well..I am not sure if it is the heat..or just *time* but I am off the Narcotics..finally..and I kid you not, its like walking out of a dark foggy forest and into the bright sunshine..i am so happy!! Just can't overwork...Bring on 2014!

Our group, "In Stitches" have a birthday group..where you nominate what you would like for your birthday fabrics and on your will receive up to 18 fat quarters to make something...this year mine colour was RED..I am in my red phase, and I was thrilled with my F/Qs. On Dec 27th Ray and I went to our shack in the highlands for a week long break..thank goodness I took my sewing..and my RED the weather was disgusting..wind rain and even some snow!!! what??? I made my birthday quilt...i love it..just the borders to go...

I have received in store, Anni Downs new fabric...BUTTON TREE LANE...oh my word girls..if you haven't seen this gorgeous muted colours with a sewing is the panel and if you would like to see can find it on my website here.....
Oh, and have i shown you my row by row? 6 of our group decided we would do a rxr last year..what a heap of fun was had..this is mine, and I will showcase others as they allow....

My facebook page is almost at 500 likers, if you would like to participate in the draw, you must like my page...I am excited about this, because it is a wonderful interactive way to sell, stay in touch and advertise my please visit and like if you would like to play...
I still have not worked out the comments part of this blog since my return..I go to the help page, and get the instructions, but then it seems that I have some of the instructions missing from that particular help are on mine...any ideas?? I would love to put the comments back on here if i can...but if you would like to comment, please do so on my FB page...

Have a wonderful week..I am sure I will..
cheers and Happy sewing

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014! Happy New Year!

A new year is upon us, and I take this opportunity to wish you all a healthy and happy 2014 !! I have neglected the blog quite a lot , as I have found it very difficult to keep up with all the new social media that is happening...what with Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and Instagram as well as running the business...leaves little time i have to admit..the blog was the media that missed out last year..HOWEVER..this year i am hoping to be much happier and much healthier than the past 18 I should be able to keep up at least once a week...I absolutely refuse to put myself under pressure to meet social media requirements..It can all become too much as i am sure a lot of you have already discovered... but once a week...??.That is the plan ...I also have both children getting married this year...Laurissa in March, and Mitch just three weeks later, so a busy first half of the year is planned....very excited though...Laurissa was not coming home for the first chrissy ever, but her fiance bought her a ticket so she came home on chrissy day for just overnight...was a great gift!! Dont you love Bonnie photobombing this pic??? lol

We had a lovely year at the shop with several new members to our group, which is almost 30 members now I think...and what a great group of ladies they are..i could not be more fortunate to have such a great group visit once a week to sew, but also to be able to call them all dear friends...super special!!!

I have been on break since 21st Dec, returning on the 7th, so I am very relaxed at present..spending a week at the shack in the highlands, Central Tasmania..Although the weather was just AWFUL...i still managed to make a quilt with my birthday fabrics and visit some new places..So I look forward to this year with a renewed gusto..and with classes, and loads of new ideas in mind, I am hoping we can share blogs once again... I am also doing Project 365, so taking a photo every day for the year..(thats the plan anyway) I will pre warn you though...i wont be strictly blogging about quilting...there will be other interests on here as well...So enjoy 2014, stay healthy and be happy...look forward to hearing from you and all our shared stories for this coming year!!
cheers Pauline 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Busy Weekend.

Its been a long weekend here in Tasmania, i am not even sure why...recreation day or something...whatever it is/was we will take it...the weather has been beautiful..bit windy a couple of days, but today was glorious. I went to my fathers garage sale last week and bought some beautiful vintage bowls and plates for my sons engagement party looming in a couple of weeks.
I worked on Sat morning, then in the afternoon, Sue and I decided to go visit with the girls at retreat in Hagley...I really wanted to play, but too many other things to do ...Leanne, Alex, Georgie, Meredith and Cathy, were staying so we went for a walk around the school farm...

I cant walk  far, so on return, I decided to make a cuppa while Leanne and Cathy went cross country to the old church...well, in a matter of minutes we got a phone call, they had disturbed a bees nest..and the poor girls were madly attacked..Poor Leanne, received multiple stings to the head, fingers, and hand..and Cathy got stung on the head and hand..oh dear, very traumatic..they were both very is Leanne with her icepack. 
Sunday i did house work, cleaned windows...and sewed..I cant show this because it is a row x row and its secret...
Today, Mon, i did the local markets,,went to the shop and prepared the BOMs, and then I did an 8km bike ride, which is huge for me, the first in 18 months..i am tired,but its a good tired. 
It was so emotional and so wonderful to be out and about on my bike again. .....

So, all in all, it was a fabulous weekend..was nice to feel great, the weather was wonderful...cant ask for more than that can one? Our house is looking pretty in readiness for the party..just need nice weather now...??????
Have a great week everyone...hope you feeling better Leanne....that could have been very glad you are ok....

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mystery Quilt

Today, I held my first Mystery Quilt day at the shop...I was there at 7.45 and feeling very nervous...what if i hadnt cut straight..what if there were wrong amounts,,, what if they didnt like the colour choices I had helped them with...what if....what if....???? Anyway, I had made the decision to do I had to follow through..12 ladies had been in and chosen their fabrics..not knowing what they were making of course...and I washed , starched and cut them for them...When they arrived this morning, their badges and fabrics were on their tables awaiting instructions...oh and choccies...
At nine am we were promptly away...well, would you believe I made a blunder on the first step!!! Omg , i had the ladies sew seams that didn't need to be sewn!!! Off to a great start...NOT
Anyway, after warming the machines up...thats what I told them we continued on...
At 1am We stopped for lunch and we all enjoyed a great Thai Meal from the Exeter Hotel...yummy
Back to it girls..don't have all day...or do we? The idea was to stay until 8.30, but we all knew this was not going to 2pm We had Light Hearted Massage come in...and we all had a most welcome is Lisa enjoying hers....Ahhhhhhhh great....
We didn't get tops finished..but we did get enough to show what they are going to look keep an eye out on my face book page...the ladies are going to post photos as they finish their quilts...but here are a few blocks that the ladies have made..they are looking awesome..EVERY one of them...

Busy Busy girls...

Snippets of what is to come...!!
Thanks for coming ladies..what a fun day we had...I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did...