Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just Sharing!

Since I last posted, I seem to have been on a mission to finish as many projects as I possibly can..I mean, you do have to take stock of all the ufos and wonder why you haven't finished them??? there is a lot of money in those cupboards, just waiting..we pay top dollar for our fabrics..and still have ufos ...I understand why of course..because our Australian Designers are the worlds best...and keep coming up with new designs we just can't do without!!! right???  Along with all the gorgeous new fabric ranges that grace our stores..ah well..i have accomplished quite a few finishes..the most precious one to me is "Remember When"..a design by Libby Richardson..those who have followed my blog for years, will remember when (no pun intended) lol...I started this project..I think approx 3 years ago...not sure..I am very happy with it and am in the process of quilting it today.
Crazy as it sounds,,this string quilt has been lying on the cutting room floor for a couple of years also..leftover from workshops...I love these..they are amongst my favourites....
Another workshop
Not forgetting a project I did 12 years ago when I was craft manager at Spotlight...sheesh..i had the piece..just needed to make it into "something" 
And Florence is a new Range of fabrics instore...and also the name of the design..I do have kits available instore for this..
And today, I made a "High Tea" tablecloth and 6 matching Serviettes from my new Ring o Roses range of fabrics instore..45" wide and $19.95 per metre..

So there you are, you are all caught up on my movements since last posting....I have been very busy...If you pop over to my Calico Crossroads Facebook page, I will be having a giveaway in the next week or two!!! So onward and Upward, lets all keep working away on those UFOS..and enjoy revisiting older projects!!! Until next time...

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  1. Love Florence. Do you have a link for that pattern?